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Isn't it time you started using just one piece of software for all your business software needs?




 ACT! is excellent for customer relationship management but doesn't do invoicing or purchase ordering.


 Outlook is wonderful for email, daily tasks and calendars but also does not do invoicing or purchase ordering.


 QuickBooks is great at accounting but doesn't do what ACT! and Outlook can do.


What if we told you that the new BaskWare Retail Management System has the features from the software packages mentioned above and more! BaskWare will save you time, money and effort and allow your business to grow without limits!

 Order Entry


Either taking orders over the phone, over the internet, or from your store, order entry has never been easier than now.   BaskWare order entry will expedite the order taking process by selecting the basket or products your customer has ordered  and quickly printing the customer's receipt or invoice.  After the order has been completed the inventory will automatically  be handled for you which will save precious time of manual inventory counting. 


 Products and Inventory

Some people may ask why should I track my inventory? Think about this...Let's say, at Holiday time you get a phone call for corporate order and they ask for 75 Snowman Gift Baskets.  Can you make that many with what you have in stock??  Counting all the quantities for each item in the Gift Basket will take you hours...BaskWare will tell you in seconds.  Time is money...Let BaskWare help save you both.  BaskWare also includes Shelf life tracking of your products with an expiration date.  Re-Order reminders will alert you when product inventory falls below the lower limit that you set for each product.  Ensure all orders can be fulfilled and eliminate missing out on potential sales because inventory was not being managed properly.

 Email and Faxing
Eliminate the need for Microsoft Outlook or ACT!. Just email and fax your vendors and customers directly from within BaskWare. It's simple with one click of the mouse. Offers CC, BCC, Attachments! It also includes a customer email history so you can track who you emailed and what was written. Just another feature to help build long lasting customer relationships.

 Task Manager and Reminder Service
Daily Calendar View and Monthly Calendar View of tasks and things to do. You can view the tasks for the day or tomorrow or next month, all with a click of a button. Never miss that important phone call, meeting or event again. Track it all from a single program. BaskWare is the answer...

Share a single database that will allow up to 5 computers to access the same database at the same time! This will streamline your business and allow it to grow. Single point of truth! No more worrying about someone changing an address on one computer and someone else not knowing about it. This will save you lots of time and money!

 Sales Tax Groups
Eliminate all your headaches over sales tax and complex tax situations with BaskWare's new tax table builder. It will allow you to create Tax Groups and one or multiple Tax Items within that group. For example, Tax Group (Detroit City Sales) might contain 2 tax items: Michigan State Sales tax (6%) and Detroit City Sales Tax (2%); thus making the group tax amount 8%. This is extremely flexible and makes order entry sales tax a snap!

 Internet Web Browser
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