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OKBridalShop Complaint


Customers, be aware!!! The website is fake and big scam. They offered things, but they provide completely horrible things .You see one thing on the pics, but in result you got completely rubbish and nothing more. If you buy from them, the seller provides fault confirmation info and after that stops to communicate with you. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other...


Racing Junk auto renews your add and membership without notice and charges your credit card. They will not credit it back to you when asked. When questioned they said there was some notice made to this policy on their web site but I can not find it . This is a complete scam!. I demand Refund 3 months @ 6.95 for auto renewals. Stay away # # This review ( was originally published at...

Greater Than Gatsby Complaint


After seeing Greater Than Gatsby ads come through my Facebook for several weeks, I decided to finally give their products a try. That was a HUGE mistake. I purchased the Editorial Collection which is supposedly created by Lara Jade and Greater Than Gatsby's founder, Joshua Hohweiler. Greater Than Gatsby presents itself as a trustworthy and professional company so I didn't bother running the .zip...


Ordered a DVD set of third watch for $39.99 and after several emails they never sent the copy and have continued to ignore further emails and they have no phone # or mailing address list. They have technical difficulties each week and close your help desk tickets each occurrence made. I demand Money back. Stay away # # This review ( was originally published at Skeptic Files. To...

Budget Moving LLC


This company is down right horrible. First and foremost let's start by saying this company previously known as NY budget Movers changed their name to just Budget Movers because they are corrupt and have terrible reviews everywhere (except the ones that are made up). They give a moving quote over the phone (which is higher than all other moving companies in the area) they phone estimate is no...

Bill Karan exotic motors


Bill Karan exotic motors Engine damage Ft. Lauderdale Florida!!. I purchased a Cobra replica from this dealer in November 2014. Bill Karan led me to believe that the car was in good running condition. When I received the car it was 3 quarts low on oil and has multiple rods knocking. It is useless and undriveable. I paid $30000 for a vehicle with undisclosed damage. The dealer will not rectify the...

Beazer Homes Corporation Review


The above HVAC installer did our home at 860 San Marco Court in Myrtle Beach, SC. A worker came to change out our thermostat because he said the wrong one was installed. At the same time he sold us a maintenance contract which we paid for that day. We have been here six months and called them to come do the maintenance. Five phone calls to their answering service and we still have not received a...

K Tech Automotive


September 4th 2017 | This is a report against the auto repair shop, K-Tech Automotive repair, Sebastopol CA. Both my 97 Chevy Silverado 4x4 truck and my 96 Mercury Villager were towed to their garage October 4th 2016. They were the closes place to have them towed to. | The Chevy truck was stuck in park and the Mercury didn't have brakes. At that time I was moving from Sonoma County to Cobb Mt in... Review



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Associates of Springfield Psychological Review


I developed a short term addiction to a headache medicine. I turned to the Associates of Springfield Psycholigical psychiatrists for help. I made it clear before the appointment what medication I was addicted to, and for how long, and that I was interested in getting help as an outpatient rather that going to a rehab facility. I'd only been on it 2 months, and its headache medicine for crims...