123 layaway evansville Internet Review


i found 123 layaway online about a year ago, and it had some good reviews from alleged customers on the site, so i thought i would try it out. the premise behind the business was that you could pick items from any store online you wanted to, and the 123 layaway company would purchase these items and store them for you on a layaway plan-and you would pay them biweekly or monthly until the items were paid for and they would then ship them to you from their “many warehouse storage centers”” i picked out some items from multiple websites and started a layaway plan with the company. they claimed to have bought my items after i made my initial down payment and i continued to pay on these items for the 3 month layaway plan period. the items totaled over $600 not including 123 layaway fees for processing and whatever else they charged for. i paid the items off. no one contacted me. i emailed them and still got no response. the layaway page on the website that had my items on it just kept saying pending…and nothing ever showed it was being shipped out. i tried calling customer service over and over with no answer and finally

one day when i dialed the number

i got a disconnected recording. the website suddenly changed and said “”UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT”” we will resume shipping items on this date: and they gave a date. it also said they were installing 100 new phone lines in the customer service call center and the lines would be up and running on that same date. i kept checking the site and 3 or 4 different times the date they were supposed to be up and running by would change to a later date…and finally the website disappeared. i had no way to contact anyone. i contacted the better business bureau

who also had issues trying to contact this company and when they finally did get a response

it was from a rude stacy perry

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