1880 Western Wear By Design Review


I bought a money clip for my husband’s birthday. When I ordered it I put in the comment box that I needed to receive it in time for his birthday. This did not happen and I have still not received the item. I called and was told that it was shipped, but they were not able to find a tracking number (never got the tracking number by the way). I am sure the item was never sent in the first place and to me that says they are lying. After being given the run around for a few weeks I finally got frustrated and called again only to be told that they would give me refund. Why would I want a refund? I want the present I ordered for my husband’s birthday. I felt horrible when I did not have a present for him. Needless to say he is still waiting. I did call the sheriff’s office in Colville WA and they knew the company well. The address the company gives does not exist and is in the middle of nowhere on a rural road. They have had many complaints as well as fraud and theft complaints. I will definitely check out online stores before I order next time!

665 B Dry Gulch Rd Colville, Washington United States of America



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