AAA Of The Carolinas, Kenneth Bruce


Under new management, little more than a month ago, I accepted, for the third time, a position with AAA in Charlotte, NC. The new store manager, Kenneth Bruce, didn’t wait for me to settle in before manipulating my hours to his advantage. For example, if I clocked in at 7:30, I might come back an hour later to find the time changed to 8:00. But that’s not the worst of it. Seven people worked for him, and every one of us had this disgraceful theft occur. We made polite mention of the missing hours and his bahavior was ridiculous to say the least. He called a meeting, promising none of us enjoyed the luxury of job security. We believed his threat to be exactly that and reached, as a group, the decision to let the home office know what he was doing in writing. Home office response to our concerns? One day after receiving the letter, I was dubbed ‘ring leader’ and fired. But that’s still not all. In the month I worked for him, I, we, watched him over charge for products and services. I watched him shoot a co-worker four times with a BB gun. I watched him ignore information that cost the comapany $1700.00 in repairs. I also watched him bury various acts the customers should have been compensated for. Those three AAA’s don’t represent quality my friends. They are umbrellas, used by the corporate office to shield common thieves with respectable titles. Buyer beware! If you are visiting a AAA Car Care Center, chances are good that your oil plug is stripped, your high grade is really a mid-grade, and the tip you asked to be delivered on your behalf went straight into the managers’ pocket. God Bless. Crystal Cherryville, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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