AAF automatic auto finance


AAF automatic auto finance jorja trading inc.thom misrepresentation of how good there vehicles are grossly. springdale, Arkansas!!. I have had a bad life when it comes to having credit. I went to aaf for a car to use 20 years ago. They seemed to help, even though the cars would wear out as soon as 9 or 10 thousand was paid off. But the last few cars didn’t last 2 months before mechanical problems were so mounting I had to sign an agreement to pay a smaller amount off to get out of the contract on a couple. Fifteen hundred once and still paying the last one of a thousand at 100 a month. I have no car from them, they took it back and still getting money. I don’t think this is moral or fair. I wish I could get all the money back (approx 40 thousand dollars). But that is wishfull thinking. I am retired now and staying far away from these criminals.

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