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Complaint: I see that Ahern and Associates/Andy Ahern has become popular. I thought I’d share my thoughts on this company/individual. I worked for him in 2004-2005.Claudia was employed there at the time, and Mimi was the manager. I would like to point out that I don’t believe what they wrote about Claudia having sex with the owner, because she had someone in her life and a kid or 2. But I would like to state that this man is a conyvying, liar, hyprocritcal person that I ever worked for. I feel very strongly that Andy is a micromanager and always panicking about everything. Makes up stories and believes them himself. Always blaming others it was never his fault. Yes, I will attest to him calling people names, even his own employees. I remember him degrading his manager in front of people, he even made her cry on several occassions. He said that I had no skills, and lowered my pay. He talks down to people. He would yell at his salesmen if they did not get any money in. No one could even go to the restroom or lunch or a break because he wanted everything done RIGHT NOW, not TOMORROW. I remember going to an appt and he scolded Mimi for that, and told her to tell me to make my appts for the weekend. That was my decision tono longer stay at an enviroment that was detrimental to my health and sanity and full of negativity. I see that finallypeople have had the “guts”” to speak up about this company and man. It is about time. He would threaten everyone that would say he was wrong

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Website: I was told how he spoke badly of me. It does not surprise me coming from an individual that does not know whatit is to work except to steal as a living from people. I thank the RIP OFF REPORT for helping me let other companies and people aware of this company and individual. Please take a stand and don’t contract his services

Phone: “”I have attorneys andI will go after anyone that crosses me until I die.””The team was very hard working

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