Al Jeffords and Carol Brewer Nushield


Al Jeffords and Carol Brewer/Nushield Carwash ripoff Sata Maria, California!!. I was approached by Al and Carol thru a friend whom had met them. They were offering large money in a short amount of time and a management position for me to do Marketing leads and book appointments for their $1200 + car detailing business call Nushield. I spent many many long hours going over their way of extracting leads and how they wanted potential clients approached. This went on for a few weeks. During that time i became very suspicous that they were not on the up and up. They were living out of their grey van and had stored all of their things, clothes, crockpots etc…in another persons garage who was a supposed team mate of mine. Upon finding out this information, I began doing background searches and found many complaints. I can only thank God that I did not invest anything but my time, which is valuable, and did not quit my good job to follow a rainbow. They spent much time in a local apartment complex recruiting and making unachievable promises. I hope by now, all these people realize they are the biggest and best talking con artists out there right now. I believe they have left this area and last heard they were headed south. Ventura area. Beware. I know the internet allows you to write whatever you want….but these are true scam artists.

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