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Al Serra Chevrolet Grand Blanc MI Al Serra Chevrolet Grand Blanc MI tries to take customer to court after they screw up contract !! Grand Blanc Michigan!!. On 03/12/2018 my husband and I pulled into the parking lot at Al Serra Chevrolet in Grand Blanc. We were in the area and had NO plans to purchase a new or used vehicle but we saw a truck and liked the looks of it. The dealership was about to close and the sale person Jed Thompson came out and talked with us about the truck. I told him that I was interested in the truck but the ONLY way I would buy it is if we had the same payment or very close to what we were paying now on our Arcadia. He said let me do some paperwork and I will get back to you on Monday. On Monday he called us and said congrats we can get you approved and your payment is only slightly higher than what you are paying now but your finance rate is at 6.9% I said that sounds highu2026I told him I could get a better rate at my local credit unionu2026he said ok and he sent the paperwork over to my credit union. My credit union then said we will do it at 6.25%, I said fine. I had my husband go pick up the check from the credit union and I told him to take it to the dealership and pick up the truck, which he did. Then 2 weeks after the sale I received a call from the dealership (Jed the sales guy) stating they had screwed up the paperwork and we actually owed them $2,266.00 more? I said I have no idea what you are talking aboutu2026.he said you need to look over the paper worku2026.I said Jed my husband came in and took care of everything gave you the check and you gave us the keysu2026and now we have the titleu2026He said well we arenu2019t going to pay off your old vehicle thenu2026I said I am not trying to argue but let me call my credit union u2026I talked with the main loan officer and she said yes he tried to call me too u2026 he wants me to rework all the paperwork and have this loan rewrittenu2026she said I have 2 other loan officers plus myself looking at this and its crazy I have no idea what he is talking about and we arenu2019t doing anything with this. That day I spoke with the loan officer we were leaving for vacation to TNu2026 I called Jed and I left a messageu2026He ended up calling me back stating we owed the moneyu2026While on vacation I called their new car manager (Brandon Peabody) and talked with him and told him everything that happenedu2026I said if you are going to push this I want my old vehicle back because I canu2019t afford to pay $2,266.00 out of my pocket or $100.00 extra a month in paymentsu2026he said no problem this is crazy we will take care of this donu2019t worry about itu2026I said oku2026.a week after I returned from vacation I received a letter in the mail stating they were taking me to courtu2026I immediately called the dealership and talked with the used car manager Ed Rykulskiu2026they said they had no record of me calling in and I was ignoring themu2026I said no I talked with the new car manageru2026so he kept arguing with me and said he would check my story outu2026he called me back 3 days later and said he talked to Brandon and he confirmed that I did speak with him but he did not care we owed the moneyu2026u2026Now I have been served papers and I am being taken to court?? I have attached 2 contracts for you to review . When he sent this contract over to my credit union he stated that we owed $30,831.04 now he is stating that we actually owed $33,097.04u2026. This place is a rip off and they will sign papers and then take you to court for their mistake !!!! Beware of buying at this dealership they hide stuff in their paperwork!!!

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