ALM SOUTH Atlanta luxury motors union city Deceptive sales and service of vehicles. Union city Georgia!!. Last Monday my dodge magnum which I own , wnet out on me with a huge engine problem. I have no time to get a new engine in an old 2005 dodge with 189,000 miles on it. So I reaserched for hours until Wednesday when I ended up at ALM SOUTH. 2 days prior I spoke over the phone with a sales rep about the car I ws looking at. I did not tell them my dire situation purposely due to car sales scams. My father was with me and has over 8 years himself in the car sales industry. Even with him there they attempted to screw us. The 2018 honda accord I purchased thru them was in an accident in NEW YORK when it was brand new. However there is no internal o structural damage to the car. the left headlight has heavy scratches on it. I finance thru USAA due to being a VETERAN. THEY TRIED to convince me to take theirs and I sternly said no I’m fine. USAAA is now financing it for me. My dad had to constantly complain to get ALM SOUTH to take money off the car and they barely took off 500.00 . The sales manager that night was rude and acted like he didn’t care. You could see right thru him during the whole process. He had the nerve to bring out EBAY papers showing me how to replace my headlights myself. Wtf! Then in we noticed that the tire pressure light was on and the alignment was off. So the next day I arrived back so they could take care of it like they assured me. WELL……NOW today Friday march 27th 2018 im in the middle of AtLanna right now with my TPMS light on and not turning off and my alignment still is jacked up. that night had I not needed a vehicle as bad as I did…I wouldn’t have bought anything from them. I DO NOT suggest and business be done with them. They are very shady. During the night I was there, my father overheard them discussing how to FRAUDELENTLY edit customers purchase paperwork buy selecting the state of ALABAMA for a cheaper TAX and Title fee for customers. The 2 salesmen I did work with were cool however, but then again I work in commissionEd sales myself so I know the acting game. Everything’s all cool to get the sale done. This is delership is rotten, they are sinister, and dishonest. I have spoken to several other former customers and people who have potentially been screwed by them and here nothing but negative Things. However all of there reviews on their website have perfect stars and perfect comments. Which means the script there own reviews. They need to be investigated for all the FRAUDELANT activity they perform.

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