American Society of Civil Engineers Reviews & Complaints


Basically a good-old boy club. If you are already working, then this organization offers shining opportunities, tokens and perquisites. If you are not working, then they offer precious little. It’s all about fitting in with the industry -BIG industry favorites–BIG names. Years of being shunted to beggary status. They were always about kissing industry’s butt. Very rigid and old fashioned, they will predictably diversify in formulaic empirical motions but suffer sclerosis in the process. A quota met there, a new HR officer there. Look for it to become more and more like DC. After all, the feds are great at hand-outs to industry, and to political darlings…puppet organization. The higher you climb, the worse it gets if you are the odd girl out! Bottom line: They hate change; they hate creativity; but they could pretend to be literate if it gives them that bit of beggar’s edge.

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