AmeriTel Communications Inc Brooklyn Review


They recruited well qualified dealers to open and run T-mobile stores. Ameritel/ATI then made them spend millions of dollars on the build out of the locations. They promised the dealers that they would see a 100% ROI on their investment in less then a year which didnt happen. Most dealers including I went out of Business well before that. This was do to them stealing money out of the dealers commisions and slowly making them go bankrupt. They lied and opened T-Mobile stores in areas that got hardly any service or didnt get service at all. Then after the dealers went out of business they took over locations for free on next to nothing compared to the value of the locations and build out costs. This business was designed to make T-Mobile and ATI money and make the dealers fail. Ameritel got free stores from the dealers money while investing $0 in to the operations of the store or build out. Please choose a different Carrier and Master agent. Very unscrupuloues people to deal with.

250 47th St Brooklyn, New York United States


Audio & Electronic Retail Stores

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