Amm Direct Complaint


Complete scam company. Claiming to be a ‘leading marketing company dealing with blue chip clients’ – in reality nothing more than a bunch of dodgy conmen operating out of shoddy offices in a bargain basement office block in Wolverhampton. They advertise on legitimate job sites like and also on Gumtree, and claim to be offering salaried jobs. When you have wasted time and money getting there you will learn that it is commission only direct marketing (knocking on doors and standing in the rain), and that the ‘managing director’ operates in a very unprofessional manner from the worst office I have ever seen. Its all got a temporary feel about it and I would very much doubt anyone who does ‘work’ for them will ever see a commission payment. There was no marketing material or official looking documentation, and not even a computer in the office! All there was was a ripped brochure from several years ago that looked like a MLM scam too. The worst thing about these crooks is that they list ‘jobs’ under several different company names including ‘Marchant Marketing’ and ‘Endeavour Marketing’ – but its all the same address and same people. The ‘secretaries’ will contact you using different email addresses and phone numbers but they are the same con people. Whats even worse is that they are now placing completely bogus ‘job’ advertisements in local papers like the respectable ‘Express & Star.’ They advertise for vaccancies like ‘Multi-skilled Energy Assessor’ but when you get there they don’t even mention such a job. These people should be shut down immediately. If you hear from them tell them exactly where to go.

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