Angela Victoria Austin – Archbold, Ohio Ohio


This little girl met my husband about a year ago at college. I instantly felt uneasy about her motives and begged him to stop talking to her. I made my presence very clear to her and she came back with”he’s a grown man and can talk to whoever he wants.” A few months ago he got a random Facebook request from a profile with one picture and no friends.”Kevin James” I had a feeling it was her and told him so, and made him promise me to tell me if he ends up finding out I was right. What do promises mean! A few months later I noticed him being very protective of his phone, so I got on our mobile carriers website. || They had been texting and calling back and forth for quite sometime. He told me it was nothing, just about trying to get a job. I got on the computer and dug deeper and found their text messages back and forth…it was NOT about work! They were going as far as talking about her getting pregnant because she wanted a baby so bad, and how to do it where no one would find out it was his kid. She had been house hunting and telling him that he needed to make his own decisions, trying to encourage him to leave me. Again, I sent her a message telling her she needed to back off of my husband and confronted him about it. He tried to turn it around on me, of course. Finally he confessed to hooking up with her in an old WalMart parking lot (how classy). Meanwhile I am sitting at home with our daughter and 3 months pregnant with his child (October). He told me he was done with her and that she meant nothing. About a week later I went searching through Facebook and found HIS fake facebook account. Shocker! This whore was the only friend. I confronted him again and he typed her a long message about how he was sorry for dragging her along and he wanted to focus on his family. I told him this was the last chance. Anymore lies and I was packing his bags. (October) He’s continued to get messages from her from different numbers. If he responds its to tell her to leave him alone. Well tonight he gets a text saying she went to the ER and they did a pregnancy test. No more detail. He didn’t respond and told me about it. I have been fighting the urge to expose her to this site for so long and she has finalIy crossed that line. I sent her a text that a police report will be filed for harassment. Sadly this trashy slut has nothing to run her mouth about this time. He tells me she’s just lying trying to cause problems between me and him, what she doesn’t realize is she is causing more problems for herself. She is already on probation for theft from WalMart, lets add telecommunication harassment to this bitches record.

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