ANGL Clothing store Sherman Oaks California Review


This company has bad policies for returning items. They say that you can exchange anything in the store, but no returns. Okay. I bought a sweater for my sis in law on 12/21/10 and when I got home to show it to my husband, he noticed that the hem was very discolored. I immediately returned the next morning with the receipt and original bag to exchange the sweater for an undamaged one. Pretty normal stuff, right? To my surprise, the clerk, who remembered me from the previous day, balked…saying that she personally checks ALL THE CLOTHING before they are put out on the sales floor and she would NEVER put something out that was damaged. I was laughing, like WHAT? I made a fuss, so she called some manager person who wasn’t on site, and couldn’t get a hold of her… She said she was “in the shower””…I was getting furious. I waited around the store for 30 minutes trying to get an exchange!!! No luck. So eventually I left in a huff

leaving the sweater

taking my receipt to call the credit card company. NOW GET THIS. THIS IS THE SCAM.THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY WILL REMOVE THE CHARGE


AN “”IN STORE”” DISPUTE GETS PAID BY THE CARD. This is how and why the store operates this way. I WANT THEM OUT OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD MALL. Ill will and bad business practices abound in this place.!!”

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