Appletree Medical Group Review


This was the absolute worst service I could possibly fathom. My new boyfriend and I both checked in to get STI testing as a form of precaution. We waited over an hour. When my boyfriend and I got called, we got placed in separate rooms. My boyfriend gets seen by the doctor first who lectures him about how we should only get tested if we have symptoms. That is the most ridiculous thing I”ve ever heard. He was legitimately yelling. So much so that I could hear every word he was saying. He was going on about how we are wasting tax payers money. Does this doctor not understand basic sex-Ed? It is very important to get tested on a regular basis to ensure that there is no spreading of diseases – which do not always involve obvious symptoms. We are trying to be responsible and instead get lectured about not coming in until we show symptoms. Ridiculous. I can not believe this happened. We left and did not get our STI testing done. Waste of an hour. Please hold this doctor somehow responsible for his actions before he scares away young teens from getting needed STI testing and in turn, encourages the spreading of diseases.

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