Applied Measurement Professionals [AMP] Complaint


As a very smart person I have come to the conclusion psi goamps goal is fail fail fail and make more money. The questions asked on the 110 question test some if not most have nothing to do with operating a water plant. From questions asking how much it cost to clean windows to what would you do as manager question. They have over 2000 questions and will not give you any ideal what you will be hit with on the test. It can flow from membrane to conventional filtration. It can be from what is flux to a outdated question about langelier index. The math is not straight up, its all a big trick, and it does not make you think harder it just makes you more pissed that some idiot come up with this test. Passing rate now is 9 percent and dropping. Well america you are going to run out of plant operators soon. Very soon. The double edge sword go/amp has will cut there on throat all honesty it should go back to being a state exam only. Not one company for 48 states. Yea two states florida and califorina have told them to kiss off. My intentions is to bring psi goamp down one way or another, I told them this and I will continue to do all I can do to finish my cause. Its not just me passing, its others that have to take this crap from them. Dont preach being prepared. I have been in the water books for 8 months. Most questions asked me are not in any of the books I studied. What the heck does a question like this do with water, what is the insulation around wire checked with what gauge? How on gods green earth after studying water not electricity is anyone to know this?

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