Arbonne International Complaint


All in all arbonne has great products. Buuuut they are so expensive and always adding on extra fees. The last time i made an order they messed it up so gave me a customer service voucher worth $32. 50. You can only use it on items $32. 50 and less (So if you want to use it on another more expensive product and pay the difference you can’t) . And if you don’t use all the voucher it doesn’t go towards taxes or shipping. So my “free” voucher costs me $18 to ship my product. $18 isn’t that much but if something is free stop adding extra taxes!! I’ve spent a ton of money with arbonne and am sick of the crappy customer service. They take your money and then they’re good. They get all these people amped about easy way to make money and they are just fooling people. I once tried to cancel an order (And did so within the hour) and said there was nothing they could do. I ordered that with the speedy delivery option and my roommate ordered something with normal delivery time. With the order they wouldn’t let me cancel that i paid extra for fast delivery came 3 days after my roommate’s order with normal delivery made the same day. . . Garbage. Done with the company. Treat your loyal customers better or don’t plan to be around too long.

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