Arcticold Arcticold Refrigeration Waiting for 44 days, Arcticold does not follow through on promises Moncton New Brunswick!!. My experience with Arcticold has been very poor. I ordered a new cooling unit on Feb 23rd. The ordering experience went well and they were very nice and helpful. Then a series of mistakes and the arcticold team not following through on what they said made me wish we would have spent the extra money on a whole new fridge. At the initial order on 2/23, I wasn’t given a date that the unit would ship out (no big deal, I assumed it would be a reasonable timeframe) and I was told that I would receive an invoice and instructions later that day. Those never came and I had to call back in and speak to someone else to receive them. Then, after several weeks of not hearing back, or seeing a shipping notice I contacted them again and was told that the unit was on it’s way to Texas, but that the large storms at that time had delayed it. Again, I understand. No need to get worked up about storm delays. 2 weeks later, the unit arrives. I work to install it and find out they sent the wrong unit. Turns out they neglected to ask me about the year, and my model is weird and is a strange size they only made for a certain amount of time. This totally sucks for me, but again… I understand. It happens. Then, we tried to ship the unit back… but Arcticold wouldn’t give us a shipping label. They arranged for a pickup. Kind of inconvenient for us, but okay, whatever. We took the thing to our UPS store, where we have a box, and left it to be picked up. Turns out it was never picked up… The store called us to say we had to move it immediately. So we call Arcticold, talk to UPS, talk to the UPS store, and somehow nobody can figure this out. Fortunately, Arcticold sent the UPS store the shipping label and they were able to take care of it. Again, frustrating but it happens. Then, another week passes and I haven’t heard anything.. So I call and talk to steve who tells me that our unit missed the last shipment so we have to wait till the next week due to easter to have ours shipped out. He promises to call me with an update later that day and never does. I’m getting pretty annoyed… Fast forward to this week. I call in on tuesday and ask where my unit is. I probly didn’t sound too happy on the phone and received and equally unhappy response telling me that it’s almost in Texas. Then they have a label waiting to ship it to me. I was told that I should see it on wednesday of next week and promised that I would get a call with an update each day at 9am my time. Surprise… that call never came. So it’s been 44 days since I paid, and I still don’t have the right part. What’s worse is that I have majorly been inconvenienced, and I’m being made to feel like i’m annoying them. Then on top of it… Arcticold has continually not lived up to their own promises. I would have saved way more in both money and peace of mind to purchase a new fridge, or work with another company. Save yourself the hassle and work with someone who follows through.

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