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I developed a short term addiction to a headache medicine. I turned to the Associates of Springfield Psycholigical psychiatrists for help. I made it clear before the appointment what medication I was addicted to, and for how long, and that I was interested in getting help as an outpatient rather that going to a rehab facility. I’d only been on it 2 months, and its headache medicine for crims sake, not heroin. Knowing all this, their psychiatrist, after I’d waitied weeks for this appointment, let me come in and pay $180 to tell me he was unwilling to manage this and I should go to rehab. What a rip off! I called and complained and spoke to the medical director. He called back the next day and said he’d found some names of places that would be willing to help me. “”we are not a medical facility”” the medical director said. Excuse me???!!! I called the numbers he gave me, and not one was appropriate for my type of problem. Just covering his ass because he knew I’d complained to the insurance company. Now he can write in my chart that I was “”referred”” and justify the $180. These people are rip off artists. They want money and more money, and will do anything to get it from you. Big conglamorate. Do not give a rats patooty about the patient. I have requested from my isurance company that they not pay their portion of this waste of time. I do not intend to pay my portion. Bet thesze jerks go straight to Equifax. Do yourself a favor. Go somewhere else for psychiatric care. As the medical director said “”we are not a medical facility””, though I am sure insurnace companies are billed for “”medical care”” every day from this hell hole. Jerks. .

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