ATC Freightliner


Our truck was in this shop for repairs being done to the axles after we hit a tire and wheel that was ejected from beneath another tractor-trailer. We figured since we were having body work done, that we would save time and have a PM ervice done on the tractor. After getting our truck back on the 30th day (that’s another Ripoff Scams), we asked the service center for our bill on the PM service. The service department could not find our work order and said that it must not have been done.The company contacted us almost a month later and asked when we were going to pick up our RV. We told them we didn’t have a RV in their shop.Then they said it was a bus. Again we told them we didn’t have a bus. They finally figured it out that it was a commercial tractor. I asked for the price and when he told me it was $450.92 you can imagine my shock. PM services done at TA, Petro, Sapp Brothers, at the most, cost $180.00. I asked why so much and he said because they basically did a C service, and not a B. Then he told me it was $87/hour labor and they worked on it 1 1/2 hours. They have an account with the company we work for so they took my money that day. I had to go to the Vice President of Maintainence of my company to get a copy of my work order. Come to find out they charge $10.99/gallon of oil and it took 10 gallons. When I questioned Chris Schultz, the service manager, he replied that he had only been there 2 weeks and was in the process of cleaning things up. We were never given an estimate of the PM service nor did we remember signing anything that gave them permission to charge us that much. Plus when we got the truck back, there was a crack in the windshield from where they straightened the frame. My advise-NEVER get a PM service done at this “service center” unless you have lots of cash. We were a captive audience and they run a monopoly on their services. Marla Ludowici, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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