From the years of 1999 till 2006 i was using a bank by the name of First State Bank Of Frankston in Noonday, Texas East Texas. I owned a corporation called Etex Properties Inc. that sold real estate property in the east texas area. I did many loans with the bank and the banks manager Curtis Sparks. In the year of 2006 i went through a divorce it completely turned my world upside down, but I knew that I was going to keep my company open. Of course has soon as the bank smewlled blood in the water they were no longer willing to give me a dime to run my business and instead completely turned against me and forced my hand into shutting my company down. i had some loans out on some equipment a truck, blue dozer, execuvator, and other items. I went into the bank sat down with what I thought was my friend Curtis Sparks the manager of the bank and asked him to help me with the mess I was in. We or I began selling what I could and paying the bank i went from oweing the bank over $400,000 to oweing them just about $42,000 on a execavator a piece of constructoion equipment. The bank or should I say Curtis Sparks agreed to take that and sale it to a construction company and send me whatever money was left over for the equipment was worth over $100,000 but I knew if i would just turn it in at least i would not be in any legal problems and walk away clean. Now lets move forward 7 years to june 2013 i get a citition from the court saying i am being sued by Austin State Bank in the amount of $78,000 for not paying for an execavtor they had sent the letter to a piece of property that i owned years ago, but the person knew of me and sent it to me. When i did go to the constable i picked it up and answered the summons. The bank had an atorney by the name of Daniel dean Palestine, Texas that is an unjust and unethical attorney. he acted like he had been looking for me for years and filed untrue affadivits as to that fact saying i was a trangent and could not be located. Which was a total lie i had moved to Fort Worth, texas and remarried and had a family again. All you would need to do is look on the internet and I was able to be located within minutes. Went to court in palestine Texas in january 2014 and told the judge i felt injustice was being done and that the statutes had ran out on the lawsuit the atty said no that it was ten years and the judge rescheduled the trail. i asked the judge for sometime so that I could get an attorney which he agreed and actual gave me 60 days after giving the bank 7 years they give me 60 days. What is this AMERICA the land of if you are not rich and have an attorney you are getting ready to get screwed. i asked the judge to give me a continuance so i could get an attorney and i wrote and called the Daniel dean the banks attorney to try and explain my sitution. No one would retrun my call. they went ahead and done the trail knowing that i could not be there for i told them that in my continuance request sent to the court 30 days prior. now they have been awarded a $79,380 judgement plus another $6,856.00 in attorney fees and say they will garnish wages and take anything i have of value. Look what our country has turned out to be a country that you are not allowed to have your day in court. A country in which the lending institutions have bought and paid for the judges of America. We have no chance they get richer and they put us into the poor house. What is a person to do? I am lost and i am broke and soon to be divorced agin it looks like. How can a bank sale a note to another bank and then file against you unreasonable and false information. it is just not right. So i ask everyone reading this note please say something to someone about what Austin bank as done to me for i know i am one of many. if we dont do something soon you might be next. America is still the Best country in the world, but to think i have fought and put my life on the line for these SOB’s to rob and steal from me is not America i know and LOVE. lets take back what is ours before we have no more and the banks and the elite own it all and we are prisoneers and slaves of labor for them. it is coming mark my words that is the agenda.

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