A Monica Fisher No Settlement, No Communication, No REFUND Internet!!. Spring 2018 I was involved in a high speed collision (other party was at fault), in my 2018 RAM 1500 with only 12k miles on it. I had just left a shop who installed about $8k in extras on the vehicle. Between the personal injury and financial distress I was facing I began to do my research and came across to help me. promises everything you would possibly need for a diminished value case. They will do your bidding for you when it comes to contacting insurance companies and making demands. They provide you with detailed information that is very convincing, as to how and why you are owed what you are owed. And if you recieve no settlement for your diminished value? It’s a money back gaurantee. So what did I have to lose? Might as well give them a try, worse case scenario, I get my money back. What Monica Fisher at did to me, and continues to do to hundreds of others is, took advantage of me when I was desperate for help, and then, well, I can’t really tell you because months later after asking for my refund, she stopped communicating with me. When I filled out the questionairre, I immediately recieved a phone call from Monica Fisher herself. She once again ran me through her resume, and all that had to offer me. I can’t quite remember what I was charged but it was somewhere around $300 to the credit card I gave her. Monica took all the information for my truck, and told me the next day she would have a complete document written up for me to present to the insurance companies. 3 days later I finally received my email with attachments. It was for a vehicle similiar to mine but not the correct trim, and motor. Not a big deal, I told her about the corrections, and she was to fix them and send it back immediately. Two days later the updated version was finally sent along with a list of rebuttals to give when the insurance companies deny you. I quickly realized I would be doing the negotiating and not her, although they promise to do that. When reading the document she sent me, there were grammatical errors, and a feeling I just was not reading something that was specifically written for my case. Although it said 2018 RAM 1500 at the top, the detailed arguments of damage to a vehicle, strictly refered to vehicles, and didn’t point to the specifics of my truck. Over the next few weeks I quickly realized I was scammed. Emails were answered days, if not weeks later, and they were never from Monica. They were from people who just gave me their first name, and everytime I would email about a new subject, a different name would email me back. They word their emails perfectly for their cause. They answer your question by asking you a question, keeping the ball in your court, and prolonging the process. I am no lawyer. That is what I hired her for. I basically gave the documents to the insurance company and argued what I could go off of but was doomed from the start as I paid for this service, but am now stuck providing for myself. MONEY BACK GAURANTEE? I had a personal injury, was off work for months, and falling flat broke. I decided it was my time to cut the losses of the value and ask for my refund. Once again, a week later I get a response from some random name with autoloss, asking for proof my insurance claim was closed. He basically wanted proof I received no financial gain on top of asking for my money back. I understood that. I then forwarded him some emails directly from individuals I was working with from the nsurance companies the details of policy contracts and that I wasn’t able to collect. I got no response. I had to email again asking for my refund and at this point, I needed the money so bad, I didn’t actually think they were avoiding me. This is an exact qoute from the last email I received from them when they finally responded to my second request: “A logical step moving forward would be to contact the insurance commissioner in the State of Iowa to get another explanation. I recommend reaching out to the commissioneru2019s office to request a ruling on whether it is a State law or down to your individual policy coverage.” Erik L HOLD ON A MINUTE HERE!? I PAID MONEY FOR THIS? I paid to handle this for me. And as I stated earlier, they always put the ball back in your court. This time to find out about a law they already claim they knew inside out and backwards. They do nothing after your credit card is swiped. I gave up this very moment. I have a lawyer handling my personal injury case and collision case. He has never once handed me a sheet of rebuttals to use so that I can argue in my own defense. He has never once left me hanging for days without a response. So why does Monica Fisher? Because she is said to be a scam artist with no intentions on actually helping. It doesn’t take long to google her name, business, and history to find out how many complaints there are out there. Someone will always have a complaint about a service, but if someone has hundreds of complaints like Monica has, there are serious issues. AUTOLOSS.COM SCREWED ME AND THEY WILL SCREW YOU TOO. DO SOME RESEARCH ON MONICA FISHER AND AUTOLOSS.COM. YOU’LL SEE THIS IS NO COMPANY YOU WANT TO DONATE YOUR MONEY TO.

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