automax training and recruiting


automax training and recruiting craig lockard charged $2500.00 to become a trainer with their company with the promise of work Atlantic City, New Jersey!!. This Company solicits for past General Managers and Sales Managers of Auto Dealers because they know they have the money to pay them. They then invite then to come to a shady hotel for their training for a week with the promise they will send them on jobs, It’s is all trickery. Do not fall for this. They have a few trainers that have been with them for a year but I saw at least 40 come and go. That is a lot of revenue fo craig lockard. They got us no jobs but rather after training told us it was our responsibility to get jobs and pay auto max training and rercuting at least 5000 for each job. Not a bad scam. Craig has no problem telling you about his drug addiction only to pull another scam. If you go to training with this Company trust me you will be scammed. Hopefully you will have done your du diiigence and done the research.

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