Bank Atlantic Complaint


April 2008, (Sunday), Upon making a deposit of $500.00 I asked the cashier to cash the check (local bank) and then deposit into my account as cash. I further said tht if you cannot do this, I will wait until the next day and cash the check and then make the deposit into my account. The cashier said that would not be a problem. I took $100.00 cash and deposited $400.00. The cashier said the $400 would be available the next business day (Monday). On Tuesday I purchased items with no problem. Later that afternoon I was in the process of purchasing groceries when the cashier said that my debit card was declined. I drove to the bank and when I asked the manager to explain she told me “We allowed you to make those purchases so as to not embarass you”. The amount in my account should have been $368.00. By their account, I owed them over that amount due to fees. They stated that the check was out of state (It is from here in Jupiter!) – “The bank company is out of state”. I have yet to get a response from them, even after contacting the President of the Bank! I take that back, I heard from a collection agency trying to get the money they say I owe them! Where the heck do these people come off stealing from customers and, quite literally, believe they have the right to do so without any consequences. What can I do about this!?

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