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Barberino Bors., INC. Went for an oil change was asked to do CVT fluid flush and the dealer did not do CVT fluid flush. Wallingford Connecticut!!. I took the car to the dealer for a quick oil change and once the oil change was done the dealer told me that the batteries in my car is really bad and the CVT fluid is fully burnt and needs immediately replacement as that can damage the transmission system. As per the dealer the fluid color should be red wherein my fluid was greenish brown. Since as per dealer the CVT fluid was very critical I did not go for battery change instead did the CVT fluid which they took around 15-20 min.(as per dealer it labor charges was $82.00 since it will take around 1 hr. to do the job). Once the service was done I was given a multipoint inspection list which they did as a courtesy, as per the inspection my brake light was perfect whereas I knew itu2019s not working. I thought maybe there was something loose and the dealer fixed it, I verified and the light was still not working. I thought of verifying other things and once I opened the hood, no fluid was topped up as what was mentioned in the list. This got me worried, did Google and figured out how to check the CVT fluid. And I was surprised to find that the CVT fluid was not replaced. I called the dealer and as per him there could be a leak in my CVT system wherein the fluid can go bad. Till now I have already lost faith in the dealer so I called Nissan customer service and another Nissan dealer, I was confirmed that no was water can enter CVT system. Nissan customer recommends visiting the dealer again. On my next visit the dealer say the fluid should be green (which is correct), which different from his earlier claim and he totally denied that. He did a check on the fluid and is clamming the fluid is good and the color of fluid is green tan since it could have mixed with the old fluid. That mean my initial fluid was not bad and I was tricked to change the fluid. Also if they charged me for total flush how can the system still have old fluid in it.

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