Big D Transmission


Big D Transmission Unresolved Issues Garland, Texas!!. My Transmission on my car started slipping, I notice a change in gears. So, by browsing on the internet I found Big D Transmission. I thought it was a legit company by the communication that me and the representative had at the time.After Big Transmission had a chance to evualuate my car, I was then told that the transmission would need to be rebuild. So, the clerk could not provide me with an estimate until the car was fully examine. The car was then Brought to Big D Transmission on 8/20/2011. On 8/21/2018 I then recieve a phone call from Gerard, regarding my car he then goes on to advise me that the price to rebuild the transmission is $4932.13 I then advise him that I will not pay this amount to have a transmission rebuild I can go by another car. Mr. Gerard then explain that he take off $200.00 for rental and discount from the internet the total would is now$4732.13. I then proceed to advise him that I will talk with him later once I made up my mind. He also proceed to state that there is a company called Money to go, so there was options. On 8/24/2011, I then recive a call from Gerard stating that the was ready. I then advise Mr. Gerard that I did not give the oh k to proceed forward he said, yes I did you sign the reelease . I said I sign the release for Big D to examine the car. After a heated Argument he stated that he would work with me and he can forward my information over to Money to go. The representative gave me a call, I completed an application. I then receive a call back stating that I was approve for $2500.00. On 9/10/2018 I paid Bid D Transmission the balance of $2232.13. Soon after that my car started slipping again, my car was then back in the shop at Bid D Transmission this time the car stayed in the shop for a month. On 11/25/2018 the car went back in the shop this time my car stooped on the freeway and would not move. The car then was towed, the repairs was completed on 12/7/2011. I paid $243.00 on 12/9/2018 for the towing cost. On 3/14/2018 my car falied the inspecions Code P0842 Transmission Fluid Pressure/Switch “A”. After numerous attempts speaking to Big D Transmissions and trying to resolve the issue on my own. I then decided to bring the car on 7/16/2018 to have then examine the car. The car was left there then receive a phone call on 7/17/2018 stating it was the man body control in which my computer.He inform me that this cause the inspection to fail and delay in gears. On 7/19/2018 I paid $818.76 for my repairs. Now here it is 10/24/2018 I have the same issue the gears had a delay and now it’s making a loud noise when driving the car. I went to local shop, thought it was something minor such as water pump. I then was told it’s coming fromthe transmission. I’am at a loss here , tired of dealing with BIg D transmissions!!!

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