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Billet Specialites Crap wheels La Grange, Illinois!!. We had special ordered wheels from this company and had a wheel crack twenty minutes out from our store. We reported the wheel to the manufacture and all we got in return was a lot of bull. Once you accept the wheels they are yours! Period. The wheels we found out have a warning label stuck to the inside mounting flange of the wheels, where nobody looks for.. These wheels were intended for a one ton truck single wheel, 8 lug application, and nowhere on there web site is a warning on load or tire size that you can easily find. We found this under terms and conditions. No one looks there when there buying until their is a problem. This wheel is rated by side wall and not by GVW. 8″ side wall is the max tire to put on these wheels. Please note we installed a factory tire on this wheel, which is 8 1/8 side wall. The wheel we believe was cracked out of the box and polished over and we didn’t see it. Well in short I highly recommended a different company to deal with. $2000.00 learning curve for us.

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