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Braemar Auto Sales Darren Breeding Turkeys WINNIPEG Manitoba canada!!. Braemar Auto Sales – Darren Breeding Turkeys Bramer Auto Sales1765 Sargent Ave.WINNIPEG, MB R3H 0C6Sales:1 (888) 316-7124Fax:204-334-7283 Darren, Wayne’s right hand man who sometimes uses his left is now enjoying the outdoors chasing male turkeys while doing his imitation turkey mating call. To help supplement his income Daren has been helping turkeys to breed, since he’s been saving his right hand to assist Wayne who is currently in prison serving 5 years for scamming people thousands of dollars for lemons, Since Wayne has been in jail Darren has been making extra money using his left hand to save the turkey population. So next time your having a family dinner and giving thanks and your about to say grace before carving the turkey say a little prayer remember to thank Darren for without his left hand because there would be no turkey on the table, and if Braemar Auto Sales calls during supper tell the caller to tell Darren that you got better things to do with your right hand than write them a cheque for $10,000 for a used lemon

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