Brazilian Crypto Fund [BCF] Complaint


According to their words, BCF is the first organization created to serve the Brazilian market with the objective of providing support and information to investors interested in the new digital currency market. Ok, sounds nice. This project has the right to exist. Is there anything wrong? A lot, unfortunately. It’s not a promising project, it’s just like all others. Why? Because they made the same mistakes. They created the website in 2017, I guess they had enough time to improve and fix everything. In other words, they could have changed and added a lot of things. But they haven’t. They state they are a multidisciplinary team, with experience in new businesses, technologies and so on, however, I see none members of the team. Their name is the only hint to guess they are located in Brazil. It’s a huge country. Where exactly? Social media profiles are useless. Their facebook page is not available, Twitter hasn’t been updated since the beginning of August 2018, and youtube channel has no videos. What’s the point then? I guess, now you don’t have to ask whether they are reliable or not. Of course, not. Just like most of the crypto funds.

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