BRIDGETOWN AUTOMOTIVE empty promises, lie, excuses etc. PORTLAND Oregon!!. For the past 6 years plus, I have done business with Bridgetown Automotive at 8003 SE 17th Ave in Portland. There have been numerous repair jobs done on my 1997 Ford Escort. Some of which I question as to there validity or accuracy. The biggest job done was replacing the head gasket which took me into debt for well over a year in order to get it paid off. Four years later, while getting some work done elsewhere, I was shown that the gasket was leaking and it would cost me another $1,600.00 to re-do it. I called Gordon at Bridgetown and after over two weeks of him jacking me around and excuses as to why he didn’t call me back re the matter, he finally told me that the warrantee was only good for 2 years. I had to call him. I gave him plenty of time to call me back, like a week. The new mechanic said that the job was not done well or thoroughly. So, now I am faced with more financing and issues over this. As a female senior 76, all of this is more than upsetting and difficult to manage financially and emotionally. I wrote them a scathing letter and one thing I stated was that they wouldn’t even stand by their own work. They refused to do anything period!!! Some of the work I totally wondered about. After getting a ‘free’ birthday oil change recently, I was given a list of repair jobs that ‘needed’ to be done. The prices that were given me were high, and I questioned their authenticity, so I checked with other companies and some didn’t agree. I told Gordon that it felt like I was at Jiffy-Lube getting a sales pitch. In all these years, over every issue, I would be promised that I would get a call from Gordon. Sometimes a week would go by and no call. I always had to be the one to call to check on things. This pattern went on all those years. It was so disgusting, I asked Chris, owner, to meet with me to discuss all these issues. We talked for an hour and I thought things would change. NOT!!! I decided to bury the hatchet and try again. I have been more than amiable with this company. So, after a second try, I had the same old problem with Gordon. No call backs!!! He would promise, say I have a note right in front of me to call you back, OR say I FORGOT! OR I’M TOO BUSY. I just got sick of the whole thing, after a few more trys at repairs, and wrote the letter. Since then, I have been trying to find a place to file a report against these people. The reason for going there in the first place was because they advertised a sale price for a service, and then got a credit card from them to continue on with them. Also, it was close to where I was living at the time. Soooooo, sorry I ever heard of these people. I had even sent Gordon birthday cards and Christmas cards for some of the more favorable things he had done to show gratitude. WHAT FOOL I HAVE BEEN. All because I trusted them to a fault!!! Bye-Bye Bridgetown!!!

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