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My daughter moved from Lake County, Illinois to Marion County. She rented a Budget Moving Truck, when they, both my daughters went to pick it up they told the Budget dealer that they also wanted a trailer to haul a car on. The man working told them he hurt his back the last time he hooked one up, if they wanted one they could hook it up themselves. They went out and hooked it up and asked him to come out to check it. He came out said everything looked fine. My youngest was driving, she did not get two blocks when the trailer fell off, the only thing holding it on was the safety chain. She was in heavy Chicago traffic. She pulled off as soon as she could. She does not know how she got out with no one getting hurt. My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and wears an insulin pump. When she tried to wave her sister down her pump fell off and got damaged. They were told the ball holding the trailer on was not the right size. When they got back to the oldest daughters apartment they called the Budget dealer they had rented the truck from, he told them to call back in 15 minutes. When they called back he was closed. They then called the 800 number on her rental agreement. She was told that they would take the amount off for the trailer and also compensate her but they were not sure of the amount. When she took the trailer back to the dealer, he tried to give her trouble and she told him to look it up on his computer. He supposedly did and when he was done reading he took the charge off for the trailer. Now we have found out they not only did not compensate her but they charged her a $50 no show charge which they took out of her checking account. How this happened I don’t know but I almost feel it was done on purpose by the dealer or his employee. My daughter called to complain again, they told her it would take up to ten days to get put back in her account. But they could take it out fast enough. I called today at a local dealer to get the 800 number for the company. He told me it was 800 Budget2. I called that number and was told it was a local dealer and they did not have an 800 for all complaints that I had to call the 800 number on the back of the agreement. He said they had over 3000 dealers and they don’t have a set 800 number. I called my daughter and got the necessary numbers. I called and told a supervisor what had happened. She denied that my daughter had called before August 28th and that was to complain about the $50 charge. She also said that the dealer could not have looked up the complaint on his computer. She basically acted like she could have cared less. It is a wonder there wasn’t a bad wreck but instead of being glad to compensate my daughter now they deny that they ever knew about it Ruth bethalto, IllinoisU.S.A.

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