Cablevision Optimum Cablevision’s every 2 yr annual “you missed a month charge.” New York!!. This is becoming not only a raquet but a consistant issue that happens every 2 yrs? And at the same time of year by Cablevision here in New York? I pay my bills monthly. Granted I may be a few days late but never beyond the cut off date. After already paying the $212.00 monthly bill that I have. They suspended my cable. First time in the nearly 20 years as a loyal customer. But I should add that here on the East End of Long Island. They have the monopoly. So if you wanted to go with Verizon Fios. You’re S.O.L. Unless you go with Satelite. Which is not an optin for us as my husband prefers News 12. I’m sure Lee A**hole Zeldin probably has his slimey hands all over how Cablevision has procured that deal. That said. When I get the statement in the mail. You are noted of the due date as with any company. Even if you don’t pay by the due date. That is followed with a white card that tells you the extended due to which you have to pay by before termination of service. Which is always taken care of before it even comes to that. On my May statement. I had until June 10th to pay that bill. In which it was on June 7th according to my bank statement. Last night I was watching TV and the next thing I know the screen goes black with a message saying your service has been suspended. I called cablevision today, and had 2 representitives who were unwilling to help and kept repeating how I skipped a month. Impossible. I save all my bills. It does not add up. What they do when you get your bill is the apply the past due amount along with the current month as if it is really double of what you owe. Furthermore, when you call in to the automatic payment center, as soon as you enter the phone number affiliated with the account, the automated voice tells you your account is past due. And then gives two options. One option is pay the past due amount and the other is pay the past due plus the current. It does not say Our records show you have missed a month. Although it tells you “Our records show that your account is past due. Nor is there anyting on my statement that says I missed a month. If that were the case my cable would have been terminated back in may? I save all my bills and no where does it show I missed a month. Besides I am confused how they are able to monopolize our area and not allow verizon to come out this way is beyond me? Is that even legal? But this happening every two years around the same time of year us suspect to me? I have contacted their corporate headquarters and filed a complaint today. We’ll see how long it takes them to respond and if thy are willing to rectify the situation? Especially because I am a long time loyal customer. I will also be contact the FTC as well. I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem?

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