California Casualty Review


On August 2, 2014 I enrolled with California Casualty for car and home insurance. I sploke with Carlos(ext. 8262) and received rates that were lower than my previous insurer. I also received an E-Z pay monthly payment schedule. the actual amount deducted ended up being 11 dollars more than I agreed to. I signed a letter of cancellation on or about January 3rd of 2015. This letter ws sent to California Casualty in early January. They continued to withdraw from my account on Febbruary 17, 2015. I immediately called their office and was told by a customer rep that my signed cancellation was probably misplaced. She went on to say that she tells all her clients to call when cancelling a policy. I asked to speak with someone in management and was told the same thing 2 days later. I would like a refund of 134 dollars for the last E-Z payment that was taken out of my checking account. Also, I want the extra 11 dolllars that i paid for the 6 months that I was their customer. the total owed to me is 200 dollars. Californis Casualty is a very unethical company that uses bait and switch tactics to lure customers. I hope that the California Teachers association will find a reputable company to represent teachers. .

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