Casey’s General Store BFE Illinois Review


Approxiamently 5 years ago, A Manager was fired after 13 Years of Service. She was the most hard working, dedicated Manager, I have ever known. 6 days a week, she spendt her time away from her family and home to care for a Company. A company that she thought cared about her as much as she cared about them. Casey’s was her home away from home. She knew everyone that walked through those doors. Everyone that walked into her store, was a part of her family. She had a bond with all of her customers. . Not only would she complete her shifts and do all of her necessary duties. She was doing other employees shifts as well. There were mornings I would see her as usual and when i returned later that night, there she would be, stocking the cooler, buffing and waxing the floors or working in the kitchen. This Manager gave her all to this store. I have never seen a store so clean in all of my years. And the friendly service, made you feel right at home! Suddenly, she was struck down with a horrible case of pnuemonia and for the first time in years, she took some personal time to get better. But at her return, she found out the the company had decided that they were going to do whatever they could to get her out….by any means necessary. Which meant that they were willing to make up false accusations of any kind, just to give her enough write ups. Which, up until this point, she never had one!!!!! Instead of looking into this Manager’s impeciable work history with the company, Caseys had taken the word of a worthless, no good, two-faced superivsor. Come to find out, the reasoning behind all of this, which of course is not documented, this Manager, was seeking a higher postion, Supervisor. Instead of them giving her what she rightfully deserved, they gave her the boot. I will never work for this company EVER!!! And I hope that those of you who read this, take this into consideration….. Caseys may offer you a “career”” or a friendly work environment. But what good would a “”career”” be if they already have plans from day one to only advance you to a certain point and that you will never get to the top. As for a friendly work environment????? How friendly could this company be to take a worker like this woman and toss her to the side like she was nothing

all because she wanted to get higher on the ladder

just like everyone else in this world would want! The only people I would recommend for a job with this company

are teenagers or for people who plan on going nowhere in the future…….DO NOT BE ANOTHER VICTIM TO THIS COMPANY…..This Manager is not the first and surely will not be the last!”

Main St. Green Valley, Illinois United States of America

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