*********** asks for your full SS#, full bank account number, driver’s license #, and so forth in the hopes of providing you with an online loan. I completed the form and submitted it. Then I was told that I could not get the loan unless I signed up for a free credit report. I did not. Then someone from the free credit report agency ******************┬ácalled me seconds afterwards and introduced themselves. I asked if this was in regards to an an online loan and they said something bizarre about a wrong number AFTER they announced that they were calling me from ****************!I hit apply to another loan and this time I was emailed a denial, a Notice of Adverse Action by ****************, in seconds, with a ping against my Transunion. This particular loan said "bad credit okay", and my credit is not bad at all!This is a scam through and through. These people are harvesting a great deal of information from me to provide me with an empty promise The phone call was spooky. The endless emails and text messages are annoying. This has to stop.

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