Centura Health Corporation Complaint


Be aware of this “Health Place” commiting this crime to everyone in Summit County area even officers. They targetted you after a surgery to see the evolution or for a non payment bill. Or in my case because of a gay doctor harrasing a straight guy. They targetted you make you think you have zquizofrenia, bipolar, they even use this to make others think you have cancer. They targetted you and destroy your life, your relatives at work also create lots of damage just to make you buy some medication, visit the doctor or for a non payment bill but majority its to harras others and destroy their lives. Let me explain what this program its use for …The targetted the patient from a satellite to check the patient after surgery to see if organs, surgery are doing ok. Best way to read their thoughts to see if there is any pain ( But many many doctors use this for other criminal porpuses ) (Call the police on them ) Electronic Harrasment Gangstalking Targetted Individuals

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