Chem-Dry Complaint


All I can say is that the only words I have to describe them is “lies.” The pitch was that the carbonated solution left no residue behind that would attract dirt. Well, the person cleaning my carpets dripped some of his solution on my entry floor – no big deal. But when I got to it, it had dried. And what did I find? A sticky little spot! No way I thought, not Chemdry. But sure enough I had to get a damp rag and wipe it up and it was sticky. Also, my wife mentioned that the spot cleaner felt like it had left a residue behind. No, I thought, not possible. So I tested it – squirted some into my and and let it evaporate and sure enough, it left behind a sticky residue. Then I sprayed some on my table top. Sure enough, it dried leaving behind a sticky residue. How do they get away with such falsehoods for so long? If it”s sticky, it will attract dirt. So they clean my carpet with a sticky cleaner, then give me a bottle of sticky spot cleaner – sounds like a great recipe for return customers who need their carpets cleaned ever more often as the sticky residue quickly attracts dirt. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never again Chemdry.

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