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In 1997 I purchased my very first car.Through the beginning year we had good service,and no issues.I took pride in the company and their motto.Through the next few years my wife and I had some struggles and had to deferre our payment on three seperate occasions. The first time we deferred my wife specifically asked how a deferment worked.The Representative informed her that when you deferr a payment it is added to the end of the contract and if your last payment was due in April and you deferred it one time then your last payment would be May and so on and so forth. However in order to deferre we had to at least pay the interest on a monthly payment.The amount was never any large amount and we were comfortable to be able to do this. Then we went through some up years and were on time with no deferred payment and so the company on two occasions right around Christmas time,they sent a letter to inform us we had been good customers and because of that they were offering to let us deferre our December payments. This was a Godsend to us as any working family at that particuiliar time of year.We never thought another thing,until this month,when we received a bill for $1614.12 I almost flipped because Our actual contract was technically up in April,but where we deferred it five seperate times,it pushed our ending date to this month. I called and got a hold of a person,whom just sent me through to an entirely different section,and that person informed me to go to my bank and borrow the money.I informed them that I did not carry money like that and didnt he realize that if I could of went through a bank that the car would have been paid for by now,in turn their Rep. stated that if we could not pay they would just take the car. How very low was that?The car almost paid for and they wanted to take it.My wife heard all this and called the company,spoke to a rep,whom tranferred her to a payment arrangement section and the conclusion they came to amazed me. I had to pay the amount reguardless,and upoun my wife asking how do you come up with this amount they stated we deferred on five occasions at $313.00 and then they tacked on 17%apr. Then they would give us an extension for one month,however in order to do this we had to make another payment that night,even though we were not behind,it had to be post dated for the 29th,plus we had to pay and extension fee and a phone pay fee,and then run to a fax machine,recive paperwork that gave us the extension and then pay to fax it back. Then to top it off we have to call each month to see if we are allowed to get another extension.I cant even imagine this. They are CROOKS and LIARS.Has anyone else noticed you can never call an administration office,the reps tell you they dont know it,where is the president of this company? I know upon talking to several people they have never heard of anything so low as this.I am very angry considering that even adding the deferred payment and interests I still come up with less then they are saying. I am mad because not only of this issue,but the simple fact that we were lied to about a deferrment and further more when two of these payments were sent to us by the company itself. I am totally discusted,but have had no prevail on whom or where to call,the reps. dont have a clue and yet there is no administration to voice a complaint. I just hope something can be done,so others will not have the same thing happen,and so we can have resolution on this. Peter Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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