Circuit City denver Colorado Review


On 01/29/07 I purchased online a desktop computer with a HD DVD Rom. The item was shipped to me since the store no longer carried the product. When i received the product 2 days later I opened the box & realized that the HD DVD player did not have any connections that would comply with my Big Screen TV (which was why I purchased in the first place). I never opened any of the items inside nor did I ever start the computer. nON 02/05/07 I tried to return the computer at my local circuit city store as part of their “NO HASSLES RETURN POLICY””. AS soon as I told the rep the reason why I was returning she immediately said I would have to be charged the 15% restocking fee. I declined and I told the rep that I was not going to be paying over $200 for a design flaw in that system. She said the restocking fee could only be waived if if purchase another system in the store

I declined. nI then asked if there was ony other person I could talk to about this she told me to call the phone number 800-843-2489. I told the rep in the store that I would not be taking the product back in my presence & that I will be outside in the parking lot disputing this with After 2 hours of waiting & being placed on hold several times the telephone rep said she spoke to the store director Scott of Fort Collins

CO he offered me exactly what the rep in the store did but with a stricter guideline he said “”i could only return for an item of equal or greater value. nThis means I either have to take a $200 loss or spend hunderds on a non-existant system. This is the most expensive system that CC sells

so there is no way to upgrade if I even wanted that! I left the store lot leaving the item in the store. I spoke to several supervisors who read me an entirely different “”return policy””. nI have since wrote several emails to circuit city providing them my copy of a circuitcity receipt showing a more vague “”return policy””. I have filed a complaint with VISA for the full amount & I hope to have them resolve it. nRicondenver


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