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Cleveland Capital Wade Massad Investment loss Rocky River Ohio!!. Wade Massad joined the board of directors of 4kids Entertainment. Within weeks, shares were delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Bankruptcy soon followed. Wade stayed on the board through bankruptcy and instrumental in squandering a fortunate lawsuit settlent 4kids Entertainment received. Wade Massad then sold some shares shortly before a second bankruptcy, and he left the board of directors without comment. Within a year of leaving the board, 4kids Entertainment, which was now 4licensing Corporation, headed to bankruptcy, sticking shareholders, vendors, and creditors with life changing losses. Wade Massad and Cleveland Capital teamed up to make a bit for the valuable tax and technology assets in bankruptcy court, wiping out others, after moving the company to Oklahoma to file bankruptcy under the radar. Conspirators in the scheme were Phil Frohlich of Prescott Capital, Al Kahn, Kenneth Feldman, Leslie Rudd, and Bruce R. Foster. The assets were acquired with clear title, while others were wiped out. Typical Wall Street scumbag behavior. Avoid Wade Massad and Cleveland Capital if you value your money and life. They are horrific and unethical. It is all in the public record. Scammers.

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