Coldwell Banker North Versailles Pennsylvania Review


Our stay at the Capri was horrible. When we arrived the security guard was very rude and unfriendly. We had two vehicles (which we had to pay extra for a second spot $55) a truck and a SUV. The space that they gave me to park my SUV was very small and it took several try to get it into the spot which was under the deck with big wooden posts that damaged my vehicle.When I told the security guard this he told me that was the only spot available and that I had to make it work. When we got into our unit #1901, we noticed several things were broken. the blinds in the one bedroom would not close, both of the towel racks in the bathrooms were broke and fell to the floor when you tried to put a towel on them, dresser drawers and cabinet doors were broke and would not close all the way. The TV in the room my children (2,3,9,14) were staying in shut off and would not turn back on. The was something splashed on the walls and floor, the fridge leaked and the whole week we had to clean up water, the stove was broke and I could not use the one burner and the microwave was cracked. The two biggest problems were 1) the bathtub; one night while bathing my 2 year old daughter the faucet came flying off the wall and missed my daughter by inches. 2) the dryer, anything we put in the dryer that had strings got ruined including my daughters shorts, bathing suit and my sisters shirt. I paid a lot of money for this condo and what I got was way less than what I expected. I booked through Caldwell Banker and it’s hard to believe that they do not have standards that must be kept for them to rent condos. I also reached out to their customer service line to notify them of the broken stuff and someone was supposed to get back to me and never did. I do know I will never stay at the Capri again or book with Caldwell Banker

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