Corgi Pregious Puppies


March 8th, 2018 my son, a military veteran looking to get a companion dog, first made contact through the website inquiring about a corgi puppy named Bebe. The owner then contacted my son from the website email address directly to my son’s email.When this exchange happened, the owner gave my son background information on the puppy being sought along with a questionnaire to be filled out by my son. After an exchange of 4 emails the exchange then transferred over to text messages where both parties continued to ask questions.Not only was my son exchanging text messages with the owner of the website who called himself Chris Putt Whitaker, but my son’s mother was also involved with the process and sent a few text messages along with calling the individual who claimed to have the corgi puppies.The purchasers asked the seller, Chris Putt Whitaker, if they could transfer the money from their bank account to his but was told that the only payment they would take was wire transfer via Walmart to Walmart.My son was told by the seller, Chris Putt Whitaker the perceived owner of corgi puppies and the website, that if there were any issues after sending the money, and up to one year of receiving the dog that a full $800 refund would be made no questions asked.My son requested after sending the money via Wal Mart to Wal Mart wire transfer if the puppy could be sent March 21st, of which the seller agreed and confirmed that it would be sent directly to the house on that day via airline transit.. A Bill of Sale was also sent.Through the following days leading up to the 21st of March constant every day contact was made between the buyer my son and the seller, Chris Putt, Whitaker. March 21st arrived and no dog. My son called and was told that he needed to pay an additional $100.00 for a different shipping create because the airline would not accept the one that the shipper was going to use. Several more attempts were made to contact the seller, but he kept saying he was in a seminar and could not talk. It was discovered during this time that the website was a scam website where numerous other individuals had been scammed by the same person running the website.Upon finding out this information both my son and my wife reached out to the seller via text message to ask for an explanation and for a full refund of the $800 that was paid. The individual at the other end running the scam offered up no explanation or refund. After attempting to call him on his phone number a number of times it was found that he had blocked both my son and wife’s numbers. No further contact via text, call or email has been made between the parties involved.The dog was never delivered nor has the seller ever called back.Their web which shows adult dogs who are reported to be the parents of the puppy BeBe but they are in fact another breeder’s who pictures of the dogs was taken off her web site.Now the same dog with the same name BeBe is being sold on the same web site by the same person Chris Putt WhitakerWal Mart Customer Relations was contacted on March 21, 2018 with a follow up call on March 22, 2018 with more details and they don’t care to help in anyway. They did not even care to ask about who received the money to help stop the fraud.All text messages and emails have been retained on this transaction as well as the money transfer billing and bill of sale.RIA Financial the money transfer agent was contacted on March 22, 2018, and we were told sorry. They don’t care about even stopping the business from taking advantage of someone else nor did they even ask for the name of the company the money was sent to.A complaint was filed with Money Gram.2 federal complaints have been filed.The web hosting services has been notified.

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