Corporate Compliance Center Review


This document look legitament, but what caught my eye the Annual Minutes Compliance Notice, I have been in business for wel over 20 years and I have not receved anything like this before then in the background on the document it has in capital letter PRINT or Type and Compliance Filings Inc. Credit Card Payment $150.00 and their phone number 9164809006, Return this form with yoru check and mail to us in the enclosed envelope, but they were asking for a credit card, so that also caught my eye. I have commen since, I am not a fool, trust me. I didn’t buy into this fraudulent document, there are 4 different types of fonts, some are greyed out, some are bold, some a capital letters and some are in various fonts not consistant with most government documents. I don’t know these people and I don’t want to know them; thanks. .

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