cp nutritionals direct scottsdale az Review


This post is to thank the Ripoff Scams, for all of their efforts in helping put these dirtbags out of buisness. Thanks also goes out to the ex-employees of CP Direct who are sharing their info with state and federal agencies. United together, we all have waited for the day that Michael A. Consoli and Vincent J. Passafiume are held accountable for their criminal activities. Well all my freinds, that day is here !!!…Praise,Praise,Praise to the Ripoff Scams !!!………..Oh, and by the way…Passafiume??? does that not mean to break wind??? Cheers to “Mr.Letafart””

may the hot winds from the moon always be in your face !!…. nElliotnSanta Cruz


15600 n. 78th st. scottsdale, Arizona U.S.A.

480-767 8621

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