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Editorís comment: 02/07/2018 -. Yscam believes in transparency and the more information the better. In this instance, there has been court action regarding this subject report. We believe it important to note that not all court orders are alike. Many court orders are absolutely legitimate and we make no representations about this court order situation. However, we want our users to be aware that sometimes courts enter orders based upon default which typically means that the defendant didnít show up. Sometimes a defendant wonít show up because they didnít even get notice of the case proceedings in the first place and other times defendants may not show up because they donít necessarily have the knowledge and/or the financial resources to fight. | Still, in other instances, a defendant may simply appear only to stipulate Settle) the case by agreeing to stipulate to a court order because they are being bullied by the plaintiff and whether what they said was true or not, they just want the matter to go away so they can move on with life and make the plaintiff go away. Again, we make no representations about this particular court order situation. We are simply providing you with additional information so that you may be more informed and, coupled with any additional research you feel is necessary, may make your own informed decision regarding the validity of this report. As always, we encourage our readers to do their homework and not just rely on one single source for information. Google, through the lumen database, has provided the following document relating to this subject report: | www.Lumendatabase.Org/notices/15761818 | End of editorís comment | The original report is under the line immediately below | ____________________________________________________ | ** the emails are going to personal public email systems by way of pop mail. | ** doesn’t matter that it has its going pop mail to their personal accounts used at home and by their families at times. | Just for example a couple that are being sent pop mail to gmail, yahoo personal email account when you sent confidential information to [email& 160;protected] or [email& 160;protected], [email& 160;protected] goes to [email& 160;protected] all are being delivered and replied to from their personal yahoo, gmail and hotmail accounts. | I tried to explain over and over this was a serious consumer security matter. The more i tried to run the company like i had been taught to handle corporate security it would end up in debates and fights with david pickron the ceo because like with the lawyer in california he wanted to just pretend he wasn’t doing wrong and cover it up. | I had so much cash and intellectual property invested i was hanging on and hoping the ceo david pickron would act normal someday and let me secure the company the way it should be. | ** as well, the network administrator helped me setup the entire company on exchange server and the ceo david pickron said: | “they just need regular mailboxes like mine, not exchange.” | When you send these people email with a or [email& 160;protected] email its being sent here and replied to from here: | David | David pickron Denny dobbins | Scot aubrey | Katie hall | See attached images of emails where the cio alerted them and tried to get them on exchange server to secure the data. I had the pop port closed on the exchange server so they couldn’t use gmail, yahoo for example. It was secure like i was trained in my corporate career as a sr systems engineer. | – another example: the issue with your data being manages in the philippines in violation of california law – | A: earl herr on aug 25, 2012 2:30 pm, “earl herr” [email& 160;protected] wrote: | We need full disclosure and you as the president needs to write up an explanation of how we do business. Because it this is true we have a storm coming our way and it’ll be much more than just over the youtube videos | Q: david pickron on aug 25, 2012 2:07 pm, david pickron [email& 160;protected] wrote: | Sounds good. I really need a favor that is causing me some legal issues right now. I need all you tube videos that mention crimshield gone. This new california law has an attorney on my back named devin fok. Feel free to google him. He is threatening to sue us because he believes amwrcan information is going overseas. Please please please take these down. It’s going to cost me a fortune. This is my 5th request. Thanks. | Devin fok is correct and the consumers should know what companies are exposing their data to these companies that have no regard for your information that could cause you to be a victim of identity theft. | Companies doing business with crimshield with their employees information at risk

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