I ordered an “inexpensive” trial of both Derma Perfect and Black Diamond Skin care, I read all disclosures and offer details. They are misleading customers when selling the product, making customers think they are ordering a “cheap” trial of $4.97 and $6.95. Then when you found out the monthly charges in your credit card, and you called the company to find out about all the monthly charges origin, operators explained that you actually ordered a monthly supply and opened an account with them! The company operators are trained to tell you that you didn’t read all the disclosures and offer details, you can tell they are under scripts. They charged me with the outrageous amounts of $99.98 and $119.97, 15 days after I ordered the “cheap” trial, and 30 days later, they charged me again with $105.9 and $129.94. This is an online sale, and they claimed they had a screened shot of you reading the disclosures and offer details, I know that I read the terms and there were not any information about you opening an account or ordering monthly supplies of this product. Very misleading and dangerous company, hopefully my complaint helps other people to not to fall on this big scam!! The lotions didn’t help you with your skin, it is better for you to buy a product in the pharmacy or in the department store and avoid the waste of time and money with this scam!!. I demand Money Refund. Stay away

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