DESIGN LEGACY / Legacy Trading Company / Kelly O’Neal Dallas Texas Review


IF YOU BUY FROM OR WORK WITH DESIGN LEGACY, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEFT FROM ARTISTS! Kelly ‘I Steal, Therefore I Am’ O’Neal has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in samples, designs, merchandise and royalties from Dallas area artists and craftspeople in the last three years. nCompanies like the ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL GIFT & FURNITURE SHOW and the NEW YORK GIFT SHOW continue to support and promote O’Steal and his gang of con artists, despite overwhelming information from dozens of sources confirming this company’s long criminal history and ongoing activities. nA quick Google search of ‘kelly o’neal + swindler’ or ‘design legacy + thieves’ pulls up dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints documenting Design Legacy (aka Legacy Trading Company, Kelly O’Neal’s Interior Design, Philosophy Design, Legay Trading Components, etc. etc.) scams, rip-offs and unethical, immoral and illegal activities. nIF YOU THINK COMPANIES LIKE THIS SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS, PLEASE CALL 214-748-5118 AND ASK TO SPEAK TO STEPHI, RENE OR SCUMBAG KELLY TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF CRIMINAL d****eBAG ‘BUSINESSES’! Thank you for your help in closing down this retail scourge and remember: IF YOU SEE A DESIGN LEGACY STOLEN PRODUCT DESIGN IN A STORE (plaques, jars, candles, canvas wall charts, upholstered furniture, shadow boxes or decorative boxes), PLEASE TELL THE RETAILER YOU WON’T SHOP AT A STORE THAT CARRIES STOLEN DESIGNS! Thank you! nMichaelnDallas, TexasU.S.A.

Glass Street Dallas, Texas U.S.A.


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