At approximately 3PM, May 5, 2018, my wife received a call concerning a "new software update for Direct TV’. The individual identified himself as John Wilson (with a very strong foreign accent) with Direct TV’s Tech Svc. Dept. He gave his phone number as: 760-536-4586, ext. J660. He stated that they added new software. In doing so John stated that they would need a payment of $199.00 immediately, and, reimbursement would take place at a rate of $25.00 monthly deduction off billing. When told we wouldn’t accept, he stated that personnel would be by on Monday to pick up there equipment. While we stalled him on the phone, we contacted Direct TV and verified this, indeed, was a scam. I might add that John stated he was in Houston. (pleas note area code 760 is for Alberta, Canada. Just wanted to alert everyone about this scam.

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