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As someone earlier suggested, I looked up his business information and found that Seth’s real name is French. And his business info states he’s not registered with the IRS, which I find strange. But then again, how would he explain a business that charges people for products and doesn’t deliver? I’m starting to get suspicious that he may go belly-up and split town with all our money. Like the rest of you–minus the few brown-nosers who think being nice at this point will get them their product quicker–I placed my order weeks ago and haven’t received it nor a reply to my e-mails. And my account was charged last week. I’m suspicious because he confided in me, as a supposed valued customer, that there may not be enough product in stock to last until the 2011 season. He suggested I stock up and place all my orders now. I think he was trying to bate me into placing a larger than normal order because he’s up to something. I placed my normal order to see if this time around he would stay true to his word. Of course he did not. And the way I was able to get in touch with him was on the order form site. In the section at the bottom where there is room for remarks, I asked a question about shipping instead of placing an order. He replied real quickly to that, and even sent several follow-up e-mails in that thread. He said the shipping had improved but it may honestly take 3 or 4 days to ship. I appreciated what I thought his honesty and placed an order. Boy was I wrong! And as soon as I ordered, the e-mails stopped. Finally, he may not have the time to send out our orders, but he sure does have the time to read this site. He had the audacity to complain about how all of us who are complaining about his poor business ethics are actually in the wrong because we are just too impatient.

3703 W. Kennewich Ave, Apt D232 Kennewich, Washington United States of America


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